Today's WOD (Workout-of the-Day)

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Sunday 2/25/2018
300M Row
100M Ski Erg

12 Tabata rds
Goblet Squat
Push Ups

:30 Seconds
Down Dog to Up Dog
Active Spidermans
Active Samson
Knuckle Drags
Overhead Wall Stretch - 30 Sec
Wall Chest Stretch - 30 Sec each
Calf Stretch - 30 Sec each
Pigeon Pose - 30 Sec each
Cool down
Assault Bike or AirDyne - 5 minutes
FR- Low back /quads
LB- shoulders
Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
In teams of 2 complete:
25 Min Amrap of:
125 DU's
100 Air Squats
125 DU's
75 KBS 53/35
125 DU's
50 Floor Press 95/65
125 DU's
25 Overhead Lunges 95/65